Review of BRIX by Derek Allen

Before you buy another ebook, method, course, you need to know about BRIX by Derek Allen.

But if you act right now, today you won’t have to pay $497 or even $197 to take advantage of this very special ‘New Release’ discount. You can get started with the B R I X system in just a few minutes, with the click of a button. I wanted this to be affordable for anyone. Since this is a new course I want to cut you a deal so that I can gather even more positive testimonials for the future.

Plus, I want to make absolutely certain that all the bases are covered inside before I take it to a wider audience. You can get instant access when you click the button below to order and you’ll enjoy a massive discount from the normal price. Then, if you put the training into action, you should see great results…even if you have no experience online. Look, the price is only going to go up, especially after this special ‘New Release’ discount is expired, but today you will get B R I X for a small fraction of what I should be charging today. If you close this page or leave you risking paying more or missing out completely if you change your mind and come back later. This is unlike anything on the market now. Other methods are complicated and require more time than promised, not this. You can make your investment back and then some with B R I X…Starting Today!

BRIX is a breath of fresh air. And I know that’s hard to believe when most of the courses and products are just the same exact thing every single time. One product might have a blue e-cover graphic, one may have a green e-cover graphic and some of these guys get really creative with the different names. But once you’re inside you realize it’s the same exact thing with very little difference. It’s typically the same outdated methods that leave you feeling even more confused and frustrated. B R I X is different. My goal with this was to hand you something that is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. All of my systems come directly out of the trenches and are battle-tested before they ever see the light of day for other people to copy. Though B R I X is simple, and the twist on this will blow you away, this is 100% beginner friendly. You’ll find the angle it takes saves you a ton of work and will make your job so easy. If you’re tired of the “same old, same old” and want something that will work FOREVER — you’ll love B R I X. I’ll give you a hint at the heart of what B R I X is…B R I X Is All About Leveraging The Work, Time And Money That Other Brands Have Invested To Become A “House Hold” Name…You’ll see once you’re inside, but I’m telling you… Building a lucrative affiliate marketing business online doesn’t get any easier than this. You are essentially “piggybacking” off of the selling power that other brands have and legally hijacking their audience while positioning your affiliate link directly in their face and building your own valuable email list at the same time. And NO ONE ever has to know who you are. You need no credibility or existing followers.

Now, I call this B R I X because I look at this like building a superior affiliate business online, brick by brick, until you have this big beautiful business that will help you truly live the “online lifestyle” you dream of. Plus, you can build one B R I X campaign after another while stacking them on top of one another to scale your income as large as you want… and they are so easy to build that you’ll want to do 2 a week from now on. All of the products in this sales funnel compliments the B R I X FE course in a perfectly logical order. Combined with beautiful design and proven sales copy tactics, this is sure to be one of you better promotions of the year. And all of these products were built out of the exact systems we use at ConvertedClicks on a daily basis. So these will all work to get impressive results for your customers as long as your customers actually put in the work. Get B R I X Right Now! And Save Over 93%. This is a special ‘New Release’ discount. I plan to sell the B R I X System to others for no less than $197 in the future. I’ve even considered making it a mid-ticket offer and charging as much as $497 for access just because of the raw, untapped power it contains. Even at those prices, this would be more than worth the investment.

See how BRIX Review and Bonus by Derek Allen — How to Effortlessly Profit $100’s Even $1,000’s Per Day In Affiliate Commissions Starting This Week in action here.

Download BRIX here :

BRIX Review and Bonus by Derek Allen — How to Effortlessly Profit $100’s Even $1,000’s Per Day In Affiliate Commissions Starting This Week


BRIX OTO / Upsell :

Step-By-Step training shows how to leverage the reputation of big brands in a very specific and unique way to make $100’s each day from an affiliate marketing business. No Stones are Left Unturned — EVERYTHING Is Included.

In this upgrade, your customer will get access to a completely done for them, plug and play BRIX affiliate funnel, one of my very best performers actually. This will speed up the process and allow them to get results much fast. They will also get 10 of the best pre-researched self-perpetuating profit makers they can build their BRIX funnels for. Plus, the explainer videos.

This upgrade will give your customers rights to sell BRIX and every product in the funnel rights to sell BRIX as their own (once the launch period is over to be fair to our wonderful JV Partner) and keep 100% of the money they make. An instant business for them with ZERO work or hassle. This is a huge income opportunity.

In this HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE upgrade, I am going to give your customer the opportunity to buy 1 of 20 available season passes to get all of my products for one full year, for one price. This is incredibly valuable because they get an excellent and well-rounded online marketing and business building education for less than the cost of most of the courses from the bigger name marketers. This is the most value I can provide your customer without actually sitting next to them.

BRIX Benefits :

  • Brand New System
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • 2 Hour Set Up
  • Passive Income
  • This will NEVER Stop Working — Evergreen
  • Automated To Make Money While You Sleep
  • No Existing Resources Required
  • Make THOUSANDS Per Month

Here’s Why This Is The Easiest & Most Profitable Method You’ll Ever Use…

  • It’s Actually Something New And Fresh — I’m Confident You Have Never Seen Anything Like This Ever Before…
  • This Is Totally EVERGREEN Which Means This Isn’t Something That Will Stop Working A Month From Now, It’ll Work FOREVER…
  • It’s An AFFILIATE Marketing Business Which Means You Don’t Deal With Customers Or Support With Plenty Of Room To Grow…
  • None Of The Actual Work Is Hard And Takes Very Little Marketing Knowledge Which Makes This Perfect For Newbies…
  • You Can Have Your First Affiliate Promotion Online And MAKING MONEY In 2–3 Hours After Going Through This Training…
  • The Angle Of This Is Genius And Because Of That You Can Leverage Big Brands To Earn Commissions In The 100’s And 1,000’s Per Sale…


  • Easily generate high dollar affiliate commissions with the slickest marketing angle you’ve ever seen.
  • Build Multiple Streams Of Completely Automated And Passive Income.
  • Full Video Training + Accompanying Guides To Teach You This System In Detail With Nothing Left Out.
  • Most Of The Work Is Already Done For You With The Resources Included In The Package.

Here’s What You Get With B R I X…

Over-The-Shoulder VIDEO TRAINING
Step-By-Step training shows you how to leverage the reputation of big brands in a very specific and unique way to make $100’s each day from your affiliate marketing business. No Stones are Left Unturned — You get everything you need to start making money TODAY.

In this document bundle you get the “24 Hour Quick Start Cheat Sheet” Plus all of the process maps and funnel flows. You also get the exact high-converting plug and play templates that I use for my B R I X funnels to save you a massive amount of time and guessing.

INSIDE B R I X You’ll Discover Things Like:

  • How To Get Up And Running With This Method Today… You’ll Learn How To Get Everything Set Up For Your First B R I X Campaign Within The Next 2–3 Hours From NOW.
  • You’ll Discover Why This Is Better Than Pretty Much Every Online Method You’ve Ever Tried… Unlike Many Other Methods Online, B R I X Is Not Vulnerable To The Constant Changes To The Internet Or TOS.
  • You’ll Learn The EVERGREEN Power Behind B R I X… This Will Work Today, Tomorrow, A Year From Now And 5 Years From Now Because It’s Not Built On Loopholes, Just Solid Marketing Principals That Will Get You Paid FOREVER.
  • You’ll Learn The 10 Minute Trick To Create Desirable Lead Magnets… And How You Can (Legally) Use Other People’s Content That They Encourage You To Use, You’ll Have People Handing Over Their Email Address In Seconds.
  • Discover The Full Step-By-Step Process… That Is Absolutely Perfect For Newbies And Seasoned Marketers Alike.
  • You’ll Learn The Secret Angle That Makes This Work Like Magic… No Hard Or Complicated Strategies Here, Just One GENIUS Angle That Will Make Your Job And Life So Much Easier (And Profitable).
  • How Anyone Can Make At Least $1,000 In The First Month Starting From Scratch…Even If They Aren’t Even Using The System Correctly.
  • How You Can “Hijack” Traffic From Some Of The Biggest Brands In The World…Imagine If You Could Get Your Offer Seen By ALL Of Russell Brunson’s Customers, See Where I’m Going?
  • How To Piggyback And Borrow Trust And Authority From Some Of The Most Recognizable Faces In The World… No One Needs To Know Who You Are, Just Leverage The Work That Others Have Already Done To Make Stead Affiliates Sales.
  • Don’t You Hate Worrying About Traffic? With The Risk-Free Traffic Sources Inside, You Won’t Have To Stress About Traffic And The Traffic You Will Generate Is NEVER Cold. They Are Ready And Willing To Buy Now.
  • The Simple Steps To Start Making Money This Week (Or Sooner)… Inside You Get Full Step-By-Step Tutorial That Will Teach You How TO Do It.
  • Although A Few Hundred Per Day Is Common… I’ve Had Thousand Dollar Days From Simply Scaling The System And I’ll Show You How.
  • You’ll Learn How To Automate The Entire Process For PASSIVE Income… Not Only Is B R I X Evergreen, It’s Also Completely Passive After The Initial Set Up For Each Campaign.
  • How ANYONE Can Do This… Regardless Of Experience Or Connections.
  • How To Build The Most Valuable Asset You Can Have… By Building Your Email List On Auto-Pilot (This Is How You Can Effortlessly Scale Your Income And Make It Super Steady And Consistent).
  • B R I X Can Be Ran Part-Time… But It Also Has The Power To Become A Full-Time & Extremely Profitable Business.
  • Why You Don’t Need To Be A Tech Wizard… The Steps Are Simple And My Tutorial Show You How To Do Everything In Detail (The Hardest Parts Are Already Done For You Inside).
  • You’ll Get My High-Converting Templates That Have Converted Visitors At A Rate Of 20% Or More… So You Can Either Fill-In-The-Blank Or Model After.
  • Plus, Get Access To Several More Insider Tips & Tricks That No One Else Can Show You!

BRIX Testimony

I’m in a mastermind with Derek and he is always so helpful and shares so much his knowledge, but this new BRIX training has got to be the best thing I’ve seen from him. The concept is GENIUS and I wouldn’t have thought of this at all by myself. Absolutely Brilliant! — Chris Korbus

Derek gave me an advanced copy of BRIX and I’ve got to say, I’m impressed! I’ve been a digital marketer for over 20 years and I’ve seen it all. It’s very hard to impress me these days, but what Derek has created has got me more excited than I’ve been in a long time. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to start a legitimate and lucrative affiliate business online. This holds tons of potential for those that use it. — Nick Webster

Derek has been someone that I’ve watched closely for years. His methods are always so innovative, and they work. I’m someone that has tried it all and bought from everyone over the years. Derek is someone that I listen to without question. I can vouch for Derek’s new course 100%. I actually do something very similar to this and make great affiliate commissions on a daily basis. I can say that even though I run something along the same lines, I ended up taking about 6 pages of notes and ideas after going through the BRIX program. I learned that I was taking the hard route and that Derek’s ways were far less complicated and should result in far more income. I’m very anxious to put this stuff into action. There’s no doubt in my mind that anyone should be able to follow these directions to build up to $100+ per day or more in a matter of a couple of weeks. I have no clue how much Derek plans to charge for this, but I would easily pay $500 for this info knowing what I know now. If you’re on the fence, just take advantage of the offer. You won’t regret it. — Brian Welte

And that’s for the simple reasons that:

  • This system actually works for anyone
  • It’s fresh and completely untapped
  • Results come quickly
  • It can be easily scaled to make hundreds (even thousands) every day

BRIX Bonuses :

BONUS #1 — Painless Profit Playbook
This is another awesome affiliate system that will show you how to make between $60-$200 per person just by giving stuff away for free.

BONUS #2 — Digital Product Genius
Since B R I X is going to build a list for you, you will learn to create your own product and sell it to your subscribers and keep 100% of the profits.

BONUS #3 — Video Hero
Video Hero is another easy video based affiliate system that will also help add to your list with some of the simplest traffic strategies built in.

You Have No Risk With Our 14 Day MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

I don’t want anything to stand in your way from taking advantage of this awesome step-by-step training today. I know that once you get inside, things can change for you in a big way. I’m going to make this really easy to get in right now because I’m giving you a full 14 days to go through B R I X and put it to the test to make sure it’s for you. If for ANY reason during the first 14 days you’re not 100% satisfied, just let me know and I’ll issue you a full refund as soon as possible. I’m willing to shoulder all the risk because I know this training has the power to change lives and improve lives even more. This can make you a lot of money. The only way you don’t benefit is if you don’t get inside of B R I X right now.

Still Not Sure If B R I X Is REALLY FOR YOU?

If you answer “yes” to any of the following, you need this…

  • You’re tried wasting money on other methods that were born out of theory…
  • You want highly targeted, risk free traffic…
  • You’re looking for an EVERGREEN strategy that won’t stop working a year from now…
  • You want a simple method that’s tried and tested to make easy money…
  • You like the idea of building your assets that make money for years…
  • You want something simple that will generate income even if you’re sleeping…


  • B R I X Step-By-Step Affiliate Marketing System
  • Templates, Process Maps, ‘Quick Start’ Guide
  • Bonus — Painless Profit Playbook
  • Bonus — Digital Product Genius
  • Bonus — Video Hero

You Can Do What’s Inside This Training And Start Making Passive Income Promoting High-Dollar Affiliate Offers That Convert Like Crazy With The B R I X Angle…Starting Now!

  • You Don’t NEED A Website…
  • You Don’t NEED To Be A Marketing Genius…
  • You Don’t NEED To A Budget (You Can Get Free Trials For Everything)…
  • You Don’t NEED Any Experience Online…
  • Just Go Through The Training And Start Building A Serious Affiliate Marketing Business…

Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT B R I X

What is B R I X?
B RI X is a brand-new, never before seen method that I created from scratch that leverages of other big name brands and face to sell affiliate offers to the audiences of those brands using a GENUIS angle that no one else can teach you. Inside, you get full step-by-step instructions and all the resources you need to build a beautiful affiliate marketing business online, brick by brick.

Is this method really brand new?
Yes, I am confident you have never seen anything like this before. I’m also confident that it would be incredibly difficult for you to “stumble” upon it yourself.

How is the training delivered?
You get INSTANT access to a members area with over-the-shoulder video training with the accompanying documents.

Can I really make money today with B R I X?
100% YES. Unlike other methods that are complicated to understand and take days to set up, B R I X will have you up and running your first campaign by the end of the day.

Can I make money with B R IX if I’m a total newbie?
Yes. This is completely newbie friendly and includes everything you need with no guessing. It’s also great for seasoned marketers as well.

Are any special skills or experienced need to make money with this?
No special skills required. I built this system to eliminate all of the typical skills most methods would require. You can pop in and get started today, friction free.

Do I have to build websites?
You do not need your own website with this. You will need a funnel, but I show you how to do that for FREE.

Do I need an e-mail list?
You don’t need an email list either. Although, inside of B R I X I do show you how to build an email list on auto-pilot so you can easily grow your income at the tap of a couple of keystrokes and the click of a mouse. Trust me, you WANT an email list. It’s the best asset you can have as an online entrepreneur) or any business owner really.

How fast can I start making money?
That depends on the speed of learning and doing. It’s not uncommon to earn within the first 48 hours after setting up a new B R I X campaign.

How much money can I make with B R I X?
The sky is the limit. This isn’t some method to add to your business. This is a method to BUILD an online business completely from thin air is the simplest form imaginable.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes. You get a full 14 days to make sure this is for you. If for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied, just let us know and we’ll get you a quick refund of your tiny investment today. We are doing 14 days this time to get you to work it so you can see the power B R I X holds for you.

How do I get started right now?
All you have to do is…Click The Button Below Now For Instant Access To B R I X…

I am very excited about BRIX the groundbreaking technology at a very affordable price for all the Internet Marketers.


Get BRIX here :

BRIX Review and Bonus by Derek Allen — How to Effortlessly Profit $100’s Even $1,000’s Per Day In Affiliate Commissions Starting This Week

Try BRIX Now! This is my BRIX review. if this BRIX work You can start making money right away and get a massive income. What are you waiting for? BRIX is very good and useful for internet marketers.

Yes!! I want to get BRIX!



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